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January 30th 2011:

BIG BIG NEWS! Sammy's Birthday Surprise is getting redesigned and re-released...and even better news...IT WILL BE MORE AFFORDABLE! That's right, We are working on a whole new package with even more fun, games, and color and we hope to be finished by Spring of 2011. Plus, SAMMY'S NEW NEIGHBOR is getting ever closer to completion, so stayed tuned for more news on that front. If that's not enough get this...we are also designing a whole new website for you to enjoy and learn about Sammy and all of his friends from FERN VALLEY!

December 29th 2009:

wow, what a whirlwind year! sorry for the lack of updates on the site! please don't take this to mean there is no news. Jeffrey and I are hard at work on the second volume in the Sammy series and hope it will be out before the school year ends. We are really proud of what we accomplished this year and look forward to an even better 2010! keep checking the website for exciting news regarding Sammy's Birthday Surprise and volume 2 Sammy's New Neighbor soon! For those of you who still have not purchased a copy of the first book keep your eyes peeled for a sale in early 2010! Also, look for more school and festival appearances this year. If you are interested in having author Douglas Esper read a book and answer questions please email info@sammysfreinds.com we love getting out and having fun (checkout the friends page for some great photos from recent appearances!)

June 24th 2009:

Douglas Esper to appear on Radio Disney! Yes, you read correctly Douglas will make an appearance on "The Backyard Show" on AM 1260 WWMK Radio Disney in early July. As soon as we have more info we will post here. We also added a link to the radio Disney site so you can start listening now!

June 21st 2009:

This took to long, but I want to send an enormous THANK YOU!!! to The Sun Star newspaper and especially Shelly Guerra who wrote an article about Sammy recently. I can not thank her enough. I am posting a few photos of the article on our friends page. Also thank you to our friend Matt Gladyszewski for taking the photo which appeared in the paper.

June 15th 2009:

Breaking news...ok maybe that is a little dramatic, but I am very excited that I will be appearing at the Columbia Station art and author fest this weekend! It is taking place from 10am until 4pm on the 20th, and as a special treat to anyone who comes I will sell the book with an extra two dollars off! That is right for one day only you can get Sammy's Birthday Surprise for just ten bucks! we will have free book marks, coloring pages, and word searches as well for your enjoyment. I hope you all come out and say hello!

June 10th 2009:

Last Friday I spent the day in Detroit Michigan reading for seven different groups of children at Hoben, Workman, Dodson, and Galimore Elementary schools! I just posted a batch of photos from the trip in our friends section, and will post more soon. Hope you enjoy and thanks to Courtney for setting up the readings and helping me find my way to the schools! Also, thanks to Michele for making my expirience at Copopa such a success! We were mentioned in the Copopa Cronicle as well which was really neat! Unfortunatly our camera did not work thus there are no photos, so if anyone took any photos please send them our way: info@sammysfriends.com  thanks!!

May 14th 2009:

Douglas Esper will be reading "Sammy's Birthday Surprise" and answering students questions at Copopa Elementary in Columbia Station, Ohio on May 29th 2009!

 MAY 9TH 2009:

 We recently donated two books to the Down Syndrome Association of Los Angeles and we just received this great note and pictures:

Hello all you wonderful, giving, people!

We had our event Friday night for which you donated your books to the Down Syndrome Association of Los Angeles. Thank you all for your responses and donations. There were so many books that they had to be split into 2 baskets for the silent auction. Last I saw, the baskets were each going for more than $100! Several signatures were listed which meant people responded well to seeing all the books together. 

I was very touched that you all were eager to help, and even more excited to see the response over the auction.

Thank you all again for participating. I'm very grateful. Please let me know if I can ever return the favor.
These photos don't do the actual baskets justice, but I wanted to share anyway.
I wish you all much success.



May 3rd 2009:

We added photos from several events including the Polaris Family Fair, Muraski Elementary Reading day, and The awesome artwork we received from an elementary school in Canton, Michigan! Check the photos out on our Friends page!

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